“Yo sigo iual” video, directed by Cyprien Clément-Delmas and produced by CANADA, transports Alba Farelo to her hometown, Vilassar de Mar, accompanied by her people, in the places where she grew up, as she herself says: “The video is recorded in my town and the main characters are my group of friends, among them Pablo (Fake Guido), BT, my sister Paula, my brother Bruno and his friends, people very close to me. Many of the sites that appear on the video are places in which we have grown up and we have spent time. There were more prepared scenes and others are more natural cuts in which nobody directed us. I am very happy because the result of the video reveals the meaning of the song “.


The video, shot in 35mm, is a return to its own origins, that Bad Gyal has no intention of letting go of today. Cyprien Clément-Delmas was very clear about his intentions with the video: “My goal was to portray, in the most authentic way, the place where Bad Gyal grew up. I immersed myself in his group of friends and captured the atmosphere of that Catalan and beach town. I gave them a lot of freedom because I knew it was the only way for them to be relaxed and authentic in front of the camera. I let them do anything, even drink and smoke. I’m very inspired by everything they do. I’m sure a lot of young people love it. She will feel identified with their group because they do the same as them. As is, without pretending anything. ”


“Yo sigo iual”, the fourth single from “Worldwide Angel”, is produced by Fake Guido and El Guincho. An accurate and sexy Afrobeat, sung in Spanish, Catalan and English with one foot in Lagos, another in the Maresme and the gaze pointing to the whole world. The director also notes: “I really like the song because it is the most intimate of the album. It is about how she remains the same old girl despite the success, the tours and the fans. So I wanted portray her at the time more intimate. I fled from the artificial scenes and I think that makes this one of the few videos where we can see it as it really is, without filters or masks. ”

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