¨Comix was part of Hiperasia, the long awaited third album of El Guincho, marking the return of one of Spain’s best producers after achieving international recognition with his first album “Alegranza” (2007) and his sophomore mega hit “Pop Negro” (2010). Hiperasia was presented as a “wearable album” in a collaboration with creative duo Wellness; a collection of wristbands and sweatshirts were created that will connect the users, via mobile phone, to a secret online universe where they could download or streamed the album as well as access exclusive content like extra songs, 360º videos, and premiers. A NFC chip embedded in the items turns the album into a piece of wearable technology, breaking new ground in album presentation. El Guincho is among the first to make an album format tailored to the cell phone generation, “The format explains the music it carries too, so it has to be equally exciting.”

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