David Rodriguez (La Estrella de David) and Joel Iriarte (Joe Crepúsculo). These two musical anomalies have joined forces for a very peculiar album, an ode to their homeland: Catalonia.

‘Las Comarcas de Catalunya Vol.1’ is a musical voyage through twenty-two of its regions, sung with the collaboration of artists from the independent scene of all the corners of Spain, Ana Fernández-Villaverde (La Bien Querida), Antonio Luque (Sr. Chinarro), Fernando Alfaro (Chucho, Surfin’ Bichos), Sergio Pérez (Svper, Thelemáticos), Genís Segarra y Carlos Ballesteros (Hidrogenesse), Jordi Irizar, Daniel Descabello y Vicente Leone (Tarántula), El Ortiga (¡Pelea!, Corte Moderno), Francesc Puiggrós, David López, Claudio McKinsey, Dani Ites, Sara Arco, Manolo Benítez, Juanjo López, Blas Oliva (Los Beef), Grupo Bombay y Silvia Coral.

Las Comarcas de Catalunya Vol.1 portrays our history and the human values behind it. A true insight into Catalonia’s modern music for the world to discover.

Las Comarcas de Catalunya

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