Although David Rodriguez is mostly known for producing albums for national pop act La Bien Querida and punk-rock band Los Punsetes his most personal project, holds his most transparent self. His songs whisper the bittersweet sentiment of life and romance, wishful moments of vulnerability that seem stripped from between his dreams.

David Rodriguez is widely recognized as one of the founding fathers of our independent scene, part of veteran acts Bach Is Dead, Beef and Telefilme. His homonymous release (Ejército Rojo 2007) deserved much more attention that it received.

Maracaibo (CANADA 2011) came next, our second release and till this day a truly treasured one still. Longing thoughts of yearning arise through its unpolished-yet-charming production making it a remarkable and astonishing piece that captivates the listener with its emotive shades.

His songs are potential classics for times yet to come.


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