Rigoberta Bandini’s hit ‘Perra’, which has already accumulated close to a million listeners on digital platforms, now has its visual version. The video of this feminist ode interpreted by the Catalan artist has been produced by CANADA and directed by the young creators Irene Moray and Elena Martin.

“I’ve been listening Paula’s demo for two years and singing ‘Perra’ in the shower or while doing the dishes, so doing this video clip together has been very strong. That first version pierced me with sadness, and the song produced had something more festive, more empowering. With Elena we wanted to mix all those things, the grief, the merriment, the game. The shooting was very emotional, we laughed a lot, we cried, we shouted … ” explains director Irene Moray.

The video remains tremendously faithful to the lyrics of the song and the spirit of Rigoberta, in which we see the artist accompanied by a motley “pack” of women, who alternate human attitudes with dogs in a free coexistence, halfway between the animal world and the social one. A kind of tribe of savage and understanding females, who take care of and enjoy themselves in a generous and collective way.

“Irene and Elena have managed to make the story move you as well as make you laugh. For me it is a small film. Even if it was only two days of filming, all women managed to become one and breathe at the same time. created a very powerful tribe and that in the video is reflected “, adds Rigoberta Bandini.

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